From a brand under SPV’s in 2012 as an established company incorporated in Mauritius on the 25th August 2016 as a private company limited by shares under Section 24 of the Companies Act, Sahara Villas & Properties Ltd is engaged in:

  • Real Estate Activities, Land Promoter, and Property Developer.
  • Construction of individual villas and other construction activities.


Our mission is to offer good quality property at a reasonable price. We have developed a variety of villa models and types to suit our clients’ needs and budget, without compromising on quality and design.
We care for our customers and assist them during the whole process, from acquisition of the property till the delivery of keys and villas. We maintain a relationship of trust with our clients during and after the sales process. Our Customer Service desk maintains a good line of communication with our clients and guides and directs their queries and requests to the proper channels.
Our vision is to deliver quality housing at an affordable price.
Our values are excellence, affordability, quality expertise, integrity and trustworthiness.


Previously Sahara Villas was an exclusive Real Estate Brand. Due to very high demands of villas under the banner of Sahara Villas, Sahara Villas & Properties Ltd was therefore created as a company to cater the needs of increasing number of clients and to market our unique villa concepts.

Sahara Villas was awarded Best Property Developer in 2015 and 2016.



  • Plot allocation
  • Boundary walls
  • Foundations
  • Blockworks
  • Slabs
  • Rendering


  • Electrical works
  • Plumbing works
  • Swimming pool